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Rent Room London offers a wide range of rooms in zones 1, 2 and 3 of London. All properties have good links to transport like Underground or BUS stop to the city centre.

Before your arrival, our multilingual and qualified team will be grateful to help you to select the right room for you following your budget and needs. On your arrival in our office, a person from our team will explain to you the tenancy agreement, after checking documents and payments, another person from our team will wait you at home to do the check-in and to give you some advice about your future neighbourhood.


The weekly rent must be paid on Wednesday of every two weeks to the Licensor by bank transfer.

If the Licensee makes a late payment, he must pay £10 a day for late payment.

The Licensor shall return the deposit within 14 working days of the termination of the License.

NO article drug or substance possession.

The Licensee is not to smoke£200.00 of penalty.

The Licensee is not to use any naked flames or candles in the premises or room.

The Licensee agrees not to remove or make any alterations or adaptations to the Room, premises or any fixtures, fittings, furniture or equipment provided by your landlord.

The Licensee agrees to pay the landlord an additional charge to cover the cost of repairing anything damaged, removed or altered in breach of this clause or the preceding one.

The Licensee is not to hang any pictures, posters or other objects on the walls; blue tag is also prohibited.

The Licensee shall not cause or make any loud between 10 pm and 7 am.

The Licensee will not share either the room or any communal part of the premises or take in a lodger or paying guest without the written consent of the Licensor and will not permit any other person to sleep or stay at the premises. The Licensee will be liable for the Licensor’s enforcement costs of up to £150.00.

The Licensee must use his best endeavours to share the use of the premises amicable and peaceably with such other Licensees. The Licensee will be liable for the conduct of any damage caused by his guest or visitors.

The Licensee must yield up the Room at the end of the License in the same clean state and conditions as it was at the beginning of the License.

If the Licensee loses keys, the Licensor will replace them upon the Licensee paying the exact amount for the replacement cuts.

Keep the Furniture and Furnishings and all items listed on the inventory in good order and condition and must not remove any of them from the room or premises. The Licensee must make good any damage to the furniture and furnishings caused by him and replace with articles or a similar kind and value any items broken or damaged by him, as reasonably requested by the landlord.

Rubbish is disposed of daily and placed in the rubbish bin provided by the landlord and comply with all recycling and refuse disposal requirements of the Local Authority.

If you are not ready to leave the room on the day of check-out, you will have to pay £100.

The Licensee agrees to check-out during office opening hours Monday to Friday between the hours of 10:30 to 12:00 noon.

The License must report any maintenance issues by e-mail to

The room must be left clean and tidy, and all the linen washed. Otherwise, a minimum £200 fee will be deducted from the deposit as professional cleaning costs.

If you want to renew the license you need to send an e-mail 4 weeks before the expiry of the fixed term of the agreement.


Use this easy and quick service to book your room with Rent Room London LTD, once received the reservation we will contact you soon to organize your arrival in the UK into your new house!

Book a Room


The rent must be paid every month or every two weeks in advance.

Please quote your last name as the payment reference.

You can easily pay through bank transfer or with the PayPal button below:

From the UK

Name: Rent Room London LTD
Sort Code: 20-76-90
Account Number: 70178047


From Abroad

Name: Rent Room London LTD
IBAN: GB28BARC20769070178047


**Please, note that when making international bank transfers, your bank may charge a certain amount as a currency change fee, for example. You will be responsible to pay these fees and any outstanding amount owed to Rent Room London Ltd , after the conversion charge has been applied by your bank, you will be liable to pay for it in the form of cash at our London office on your arrival day. “


In case of problems connected to a malfunction of the house, please send an email containing the following information:


Dear Tenants, it is necessary to notify the agency of the intention to renew or terminate the contract one month before the end of the contract.

To inform the agency of your intentions, we ask that you complete the following form:

Check-out must be done by 10 am.

To avoid losing part of the deposit it is important to leave the room and the house clean and tidy.

Remove food from kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer.

Do not leave blankets, pillows etc.

Once the check-out operations are completed, you will no longer be able to enter the house.

If you have the flight in the evening you can take your bags to one of the various baggage drop-off centres, the most central is Kings Cross, for more information and prices click here

If you have not already done so, send us an email with your bank details for the return of the deposit, the deposit will be credited to your account within 14 working days from the end of the contract.

DO NOT forget to notify the bank, the NIN, the GP, and any other entity or company that you no longer live there to prevent mail from continuing to arrive. All former tenants’ mail is returned to the sender.